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Is it a break?”

Ludwig looked down at the floor and then shook his head.

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There were several things he wanted to make sure to do to make his nap as comfortable as possible. First and foremost was to make sure to eat what he ate. In order to make his noodles, he would need to eat it while sitting on the ground so they would have the softness and chew and that would help him to fall asleep. He would also need to make sure he had water in his body. He did not want an extremely large amount of water for his noodle, so he would need to drink as much water as he could possibly do. He did get that water in his stomach through the water bottle he used in his room and with his mouth before leaving.

He also wanted a pillow. He did not use a mattress, he did not have a bed or a sheet on his bed. In order to get a pillow, he had to use the one in the room. He would need to place his head to the mattress and then wrap his legs around it. He then laid down on the ground and then put his hands in the hole in the mattress. It was the best thing he made to cover him.

Next was to make sure his hair was properly brushed. His hair was long but it was curly in the front and the back so he had to brush it and style it when he did want to look like a boy.

He had so many things to do! He didn’t want to waste any time. He couldn’t wait.

“This is the best nap that I ever had!” He looked towards the house and then at the sun which was slowly set.

“Now that I have gotten this far, I’m tired.”

He turned to the door and started knocking on it. There were only children, so there was no one in the other rooms. There was no one that could hear his knock. But there was a little sound and a light. This was the perfect answer to his question.

“Mama…” He started to look at the sound. “Mama… is this the right house? I heard some voices in the kitchen.”

The door to the kitchen opened and then closed and only the sounds inside the kitchen was heard. A small person came down the stairs and came out from the kitchen. She had the same blonde hair and the same red eyes and the same bright smile.

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