What does nap of the day mean?

“Nap” is a sleep cycle, and sleep does not last forever. To get a good sleep, we need to get it on the right schedule: a specific amount of sleep, usually just enough time to go to bed, and a longer (but less exciting) sleep, with more REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which occurs during REM sleep. As I’ve gotten more familiar with sleep research, especially over the last few years, I’ve come to realize that many people, particularly older people, are waking up with a bad case of the “I want a nap” blues. This might be because they haven’t been sleeping properly, or because they’re suffering from insomnia, or because of other things. This is especially common for people who work from home, which doesn’t give them the opportunity to take care of their body well, so they’re prone to falling victim to naps of the weekend. Some of the worst naps I’ve ever had are the nights after work. As soon as I get home, I usually fall asleep fairly quickly, but if I’m feeling really drained and tired I often need a nap that lasts for many hours (often several). Not to mention that sometimes I’m out for a drive, and my mind is really tired when I’m asleep, but then I can really feel the car’s vibrations, and even if I barely have time to get to sleep before I have to get back to it, I may be able to get to sleep quicker that way. I know that this doesn’t sound nice, but it’s just not right. “Napping during the day” is simply not healthy. I’m not here to convince everybody that you should go for a nap during the day, but there are just certain times when I think it makes sense. It’s a good time to be snacking, whether by taking a quick bite or a big sandwich or an entire hot dog, or perhaps just a snack of some sort. After a hard day of work, taking a quick lunch or snack is actually pretty good for the brain health. It increases dopamine (a neurotransmitter) activity, which helps to get you off your feet and keep you energized, and so is good. The same thing happens when you take a nap during the day. And finally, taking a nap during the day can also help to get your mind off of your busy workday. Some people who have no trouble falling asleep at 9 am on a Monday, when they wake up to a bright yellowish-green sun