What does non runner no bet mean? – Northfield Park Horse Racing Live Video Feed At Sturgis

In the end, the question of “should I bet on any given race” will always come down to decision making. If you already know your goals, your priorities, and are in the “middle of the pack” (meaning you’re not very competitive or even just average), why not just bet the race? Why would you want to run that long road course, even if the odds are against you? Even if it’s fun, risky, and just a bit out of reach or risky if you plan to race it?

Here’s my advice: If we’re talking about betting the race, I like to avoid this style of argument as one that only leads to unnecessary bitterness among people. Because let’s be honest: the best reasons to bet on the race are usually the least compelling reasons to bet on it.

And I also like to avoid comparing “betting on a race” to gambling on it because both are activities you should definitely never engage in if you want to maximize your potential winnings regardless of the risks involved. Just because your bank balance is the same as or higher than someone else’s does not mean you have the same probability of winning. If you don’t want to gamble the same as them, then you shouldn’t bet the race.

So, to the pros of betting the race: I have great respect for your passion, but don’t be afraid to give up some of your financial independence for the opportunity. There is no “better” way to use your time than the one I’ve outlined here. We have the technology now to create a super-human experience in the game of poker and it’s a game we can all get addicted to. As you can see from my comparison of the race to gambling, if you don’t know your goals and priorities, why would it make sense to bet the race or to gamble the race?

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