What horse number wins the most? – Super Horse Racing Tips

Here we go!

There are five horse numbers that have made the finals over the last five years that are still alive. All of them have had their chances in this year’s Derby – including a potential final. There are no surprises.

Here’s what’s in the running:

1. Prince of Wales

This is the horse that seems to have the best chance to win this year’s Kentucky Derby. There may be questions about his size and how he will do on the track but he is riding so well and is a winner in this size and type derby, making him a favorite for the crown next year.

2. Shiba Inu

I’m an advocate for long-distance, single-track-stadium races for the sake of being able to have the best odds to win. But I do love the idea of an all horse race as long as there is a horse race going on at the end of that race – like the Kentucky Derby. In particular, I loved the fact that this type of racing is a chance for everyone to experience something new, be it the sights, sounds or smells of being up there on the track.

3. Pharaoh

I love Pharaoh. The one person in this list that I consider a potential finalist, he has also had good performances as well the last two years (in 2011 and 2012) and is riding some of the better horses in this stud this year. The good thing is that with good results, there is also a chance he can win a Kentucky Derby again.

4. Pharaoh

A lot is going to come down to Pharaoh. In 2012 he lost to Prince of Wales but in 2013 he was second to Shiba in points and tied in the overall Derby stakes. In this year’s first test, he won the distance last Friday night (he is already one of three horses to win the Derby on multiple occasions).

5. Lolo

The third horse in the running for this year’s Derby, Lolo is another fan favorite. Though a bit short and in a small, fast-paced stud, his win over Prince of Wales is an indication he is riding better than his older brother for Derby honors.

With the number of chances he has, Lolo has a legitimate shot of winning the Derby even if Shiba is a candidate for one of the final two spots. However, Lolo will have a tougher time making up ground and possibly getting into the mix for the Derby crown

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