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How is it possible to have horse racing in the country of a famous and influential country like the United States of America where an international law, the American Antiquarian Society’s (AAAS) Stampede Act of 1865, regulates and protects race horse racing to this day?

One can argue that this legislation was passed back then when the horse racing industry was in a very unique and special position. The AAAS Stampede Act was written to ensure that horse racing was an international sport and that it should be carried out in an orderly manner that was safe for sportsmen.

So what are the problems with Stampede Horse Racing?

The first challenge is to understand how our race horse law allows horses to compete at the highest level of our sport.

As a horse racing racing industry, our goal is to provide top professionals in our sport. This is where the big challenge lies: We need top professionals to carry out our game. Without them, the world would lose something very special: Its horses.

This is why the AAAS Stampede Act was written so perfectly to ensure a stable industry of professionals to carry out their work. At the same time, this Act provides for a stable environment in which the sportsmanship of an individual may be judged by his or her ability to ensure that each horse of the competition gets his fair share of racing days.

To make the Stampede Act even more perfect, as per the European Sporting Code we must ensure fair competition for riders by setting a minimum weight-to-length ratio for the horse which makes its race ready. Our horses also need a thorough training and we cannot let the fact that not everyone will be fit to race.

In our race, we only have so many horses to race and we have to ensure a stable environment where all of them have had to work hard during their training.

This is why our racing rules are so different from the rules of other European nations such as Russia, China and Korea. In European racing, for example, there are strict rules that must be followed so that the horses’ racing careers do not become compromised.

The second issue affecting our racing is the lack of resources of the country where horses are bred. With less than 3,000 horses in our Stampede Country of Texas, a total of about 25,000 to 31,000 horses that live in our horses’ home towns is not enough to supply the entire supply of horses needed for racing.

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