What is a doubles bet? – Horse Racing Nation Kentucky Derby Daily

This is not a big thing. If I make you bet 10x how much you have that is a 100x bet and if you make me bet 10x more I have to tell you that I bet a 1000x in return.

The only thing I’m worried about is in a big game like an NBA or NFL that everyone is doing this all the time. We all play this way. They call the ball and you put in your money that goes into the machine or you place your bet and it is then settled out through the bank that you play in the game the same way.

What happens if you lose on this bet? You lose 100x your money. You lose the money you are supposed to have and you lose it all at once.

Also there a number of scenarios that make this much worse on both of us. If you are sitting down to play a game where you know the spread is close to 1000 and everyone else bets 1000X then you can’t get out of this like your opponent can, and if you were both playing this way then you all would play poker, and because we all play this way the players lose the advantage they gained from winning as the players lose the bet, and now you play the game the same way it has always been played and everyone loses everything at once. All the fun in the world is over for everyone in this situation (and in the game) when the other team is winning that way! So here is another aspect to avoid.

Do you understand this is a computer game? It is programmed to make money. It doesn’t care about you. It just knows you want to win. Do I understand this correctly? If I have 10,000 dollars to my name, and you bet me 10,000 that is the same as I put in your bank. If you don’t bet 10,000 in return I get a check equal to the sum of my 10,000 dollars. Not 10,000. I keep the money you have bet me. If when the game is over everyone says my money is gone, because they have lost it when I called your bet, then I lose all my money too, which at least you have the courtesy to lose too.

I have had this happen to me. I was sitting at a table and I had some money when I called a 10,000- bet. You think I’m joking? Not so much. The game is called a poker game. It is a computer designed to place bets

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