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Two players match up to form a team (not a bracket) of three players and bet that they will go head-to-head on their favorite matchup. This is called a doubles bet on a video-game. It is not a sports bet. There are no sports on Bovada on this website. Bovada’s rules on making a double-bet are as follows:
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1. Bet $100 on the match that you wish to wager $100 on

2. If a match is won by the team with the better odds, the additional $50 gets the wager back. For instance if a team of 7 beats the team of 6 with a 2-to-1 odds, the bonus is $30 if the team with the better odds beats the team with 6. To the original bet, added $50 becomes $100.

3. Do not bet $20 or more per person, or $80 or more per pair. Do not double bet more than $100 per player.

4. Make sure the player from you that bet will be on the other side of the table. If you make a double-buy, you have a limit of $25. For instance, if you bet $500 on Chris Paul, the team will forfeit any balance.

5. On the first game of a double-buy, your first bet will be $50. If that game bet is beaten, your second bet will be $50 unless a draw happens and you have $50 for the second game. So, if Chris makes the first $100 bet and the team makes the second $100 bet, if the second game bet is beaten, Chris can put that winnings on hold for a full second game bet. Chris will be penalized for not making the $50 first bet.

You can make a full second game bet at any point before a bet is broken for the first game of the double-buy, even if your second game bet is beaten.

How should I handle a loss when making a double-bets?

For singles or doubles play, make the first game bet at 2-to-1 odds.

To double-bets, play at 3 to 1 odds.

If a game is won by the team with the better odds, the additional $50 gets the wager back. For instance if teams make a 5-to-2 odds-to-win game for the $1 in the middle

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