What is a doubles bet? – Sky Sports Horse Racing Tips

A doubles bet is money placed in order to win at least one round with a player who has already made the final score. This makes it similar to the ‘double pot’ betting.

A ‘double pot’ bet may be on the table or on the side. Table doubles bet is done on a side where the total amount of pot is less than the total amount of bets put onto that side. The total amount of each pot will be one plus the pot that the player who has made the score has bet. This may be double, triple, quadruple or the odd number of bets that a player put before making their score.

If you put in double or triple pots on a side in advance, the player whose winnings will be in the pots will know that it is possible to win as few as two or three of these pots. This is why table doubles bets can sometimes be taken as early as 4 or 5 in advance. These bets will generally be higher than the totals for the initial games on the side and when the total is called and the side’s total is lower than the total of bets received on that side. A person should usually put in the odds of one in five or ten on a board when making the double pot bet. If the final score is the same as the player with the second-best total on the side, the bet will pay off.

On a side that is already playing a double pot, the player’s total will be the sum of the final bet and the two double pots placed that round.

A triple pot bet is taken on a side that is currently having its fourth game where, because of the number of bets already placed, it only pays off the first two games. These triple pots paidoffs will be called when the final score for the side is called.

Examples of doubles-betting and table doubles-betting:

When choosing sides to play, a player should always choose side A that has been ‘raised’ twice and the final game has already been played twice; this will allow the player to pay off their second or third game by putting in double or triple pots of money.

On a game where three players have already played their side, betting in double or triple pots is good, but when it is more than two it is better to just bet on the pot that the player with the winner makes. If both sides have played their side, the amount is double on the bet so to speak and should be called

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