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How many seconds does it take a player in a basketball game to throw a “makeable shot?” Here is the number for the 2016 season as of today.

Here is an explanation of what a layup is. A layup is when a player in a basketball game:

has possession of the basketball

knows what is available at the nearest basket

has the ball

If a player does not have control of the ball, a layup cannot be made.

When a player has more than one pass or dribble, a layup may be made if all of the passes would normally be made for a “makeable shot.” In other words, a player does not have to be able to pass around a defender to make a layup. (Example: Kevin Love missed three of his seven open layups.)

On this day in 1793 French revolution begins in Paris, the birthplace of Voltaire and the “Mother of Liberty.”

The date was chosen for political use for the purpose of attracting followers and propaganda purposes.

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The revolutionary year was 1793, also known as the French Revolution, since Napoleon, France’s newly elected (and untested) emperor, began his ascent to the throne in July of 1788. Napoleon planned to introduce himself to the world, but his political opponents, the Jacobins, were not ready for him to step outside of the old monarchy.

The government of the Holy Roman Emperor and King Louis XVI ordered Paris’s clock tower to be lit in red and white, while the Bastille became a temporary residence for the revolutionary leaders in order to coordinate the movement.

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On July 14, 1793, the two-day “Jacobin” festival called “La FĂȘte et la Paix” saw masses of people come out in masses “for liberty and freedom.” Hundreds of different movements, including the Paris Commune and republican rebels, took place in France over the next year, as the Jacobins began their work to eliminate democracy throughout the nation.

In October of this year, the French Revolution is declared to be over and the nation was finally reunited under a new king. Napoleon has been restored as emperor and the country is once again called the French Republic or the “French Republic.”

There is a growing trend in the United States where the children of mothers who are not U.

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