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The first two, racing naps, are about getting ready for work and training. The rest of these two is about getting away from your computer and into a calm and relaxing environment. By going to the beach, in the snow and in your favorite bar. It’s all about relaxing and a fun way to relax. If you have a busy schedule or are otherwise stressed, a racing nap can be exactly what you need!

Is a racing night a good idea?

I don’t think so. A good night of sleep is not for everyone. I’ve seen many kids fall asleep while doing their homework or the other usual activities. I believe that racing with your partner is not like other games, like poker, where most people play two or three times a day, to the point where it’s no longer possible to achieve sleep at a regular time. When you’re racing, you are playing a little all night long. If you’re looking for a good night to sleep during the week, look for a Saturday, Tuesday, or Sunday. On any Monday morning, if it’s a sunny day, you should be fine. But the day it’s cold, most children will sleep all day long, so for any day during the week, when you’re racing, you have to be prepared to stay awake at all times. If you go to sleep early, you’ll catch cold at some point during the day, so you should be alert.

Are there any risks of my children racing?

I know of some cases where children have fallen asleep in the car, due to the car engine being turned off. The chances of that happening at a racing time are a bit higher, but you still probably want to get some rest and don’t feel comfortable going to bed while the car is running.
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Are racing naps legal in Canada?

Yes. The Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MMVSA) allows “a child driver participating in a driver training program to engage in a child transportation operation.” What does that mean? Well, the law does not define what a transportation operation actually is or what the conditions in which it can be legally done are. All it does says it can only be done while driving “in a supervised driving environment where the individual is restrained from driving due to illness, injury, or other conditions.” It cannot be done in an enclosed cab or with a passenger who is also a child. But to me it means if your child has a disability, you can transport them in

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