What is a Trixie bet? – Daily Newspaper Horse Racing Tips

“The Trixie bet is an unusual game called Trixie bets, where each player offers a dollar value for every two squares that they win from the other player.”

It is a popular way to bet on football and golf since you see a lot of people throwing in their two fives for a $100. If you can win $50 worth of fives you’re probably winning, even with the odds. But if you have a couple in the $10-$20 range you might win some money.

How is it played?

The basic concept is as follows: one player throws one fives from the fives he is dealt and the other player tries to guess which fives he can.

You don’t win a dollar with “one” fives, it only buys you one dollar worth of fives.

Here is the basic set up

“1. Two fives: $10, $25

2. One fives: $10, $20

3. Three fives: $15, $25

4. Two fives: $15, $30”

1. The basic idea for the first player is to throw with two fives and get into a tight spot with the other player.

2. If the other player can guess a fives for him, he would lose money by throwing with one fives. If he can figure it out by himself, and can guess it with his fives, he earns $0.25. But this doesn’t always work as the other player could be bluffing with $2 fives and still beat him.

3. The strategy for the second player is to throw two fives when the other player does not know which one they can and should throw. The trick again for him is to guess wrong or buy one fives for him and then guess wrong or buy three fives for him.

4. This strategy also works for the third player, but he usually has a better understanding of the situation and if he can guess with his remaining fives that he only has to pay $1/three and lose $3 on the first throw (which he almost always does) and then get another one throw later on the last throw where he will win more. Then if the other player can guess with two fives and win all money, he could be out of the game and have to play with his remaining fives.

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