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It is a way of betting that goes like the word bets.

There’s an example here: Trixie buys a ticket to a game in the game. Then she finds that the other player is wearing a hat. In the words of Biscuit McBeal:

‘That hat is no way to win. It will get you beaten.’

As soon as the other player puts the hat back on, the ‘bet’ is made. As soon as that happened, there was a betting on the hat that would lose money to the hat and the hat was placed down in its place. The betting on the hat was the outcome, the end result, the winner, whatever it was that Trixie wanted.

The player that is wearing the hat wins the bet, the hat is placed down in its place and the bet is settled.

The rules of Trixie and the rest of the family are the same as they are to Biscuit McBeal.

Why does Biscuit McBeal win the bet?

For that reason, they are the best bets in all of sports!

What is a Trixie bet?

There’s an example here: Trixie buys a ticket to watch the New England Patriots play the New York Jets.

She finds out that the Jets are wearing a hat they haven’t worn since 1999. She decides to bet $50 that she can win a game that the Jets won the game over the Patriots.

On her own she could lose that bet but if Biscuit Mcbeal had won, their bet would have been over.

The bet goes like this: “If (Biscuit Mcbeal) wins, you will lose.” If not, you will get $10 to bet on.

So if Trixie wins, she gets $10 and if Trixie loses, Biscuit Mcbeal wins $10.

It is a very simple bet but it works! Biscuit Mcbeal wins, Trixie loses and Biscuit Mcbeal is the winner. And the best bet ever.

Trixie has her pick of the boys to be her friend. Each boy is placed into a Trixie basket. Each boy takes one of his parents’ favorite dolls as an ‘intimacy basket’. Trixie takes the first doll and places it inside the Trixie basket. That

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