What is a Trixie bet?

A Trixie bet is a simple way to make money on the bitcoin market. The strategy is simple. You place a bet. After the bet is in, you receive a fixed amount of BTC or ETH every day (for instance a 100 btc bet works if I put 100 btc worth of BTC into the exchange and keep 100 other btc as the margin. I am only interested in what the other 50 btc go for but you should also keep an eye on ETH too). You just wait for the market to go up, the bet will either buy your other btc, or sell your BTC. If the market goes down your other btc buy it at the next high price, then sell it at a lower price. At first it makes a good income. Once you are in you can keep on doing this for weeks at a time increasing your profit for every day you spend on bitcoin.

How much do I need to bet for a guaranteed payout of 100 coins?

There is another form of bet called a Biasbet where the payout is based on the price of the BTC itself as it falls over time. The bet is done in one sitting and should be done at least once a day, just not all at the same time (it takes weeks for the whole market to go up). You place a 100 btc bet every day as you expect it to rise. Each day it goes higher but you make a daily profit or the Biasbet, the bet you can do on every day. Biasbet is very effective and it really takes away the risk for you. On the other hand you need to be smart as it’s easy to lose all of your money. Even worse is when your Biasbet is not profitable and your BTC have already lost all of their value. You will need to go into a very deep hole, losing all of your money, to get a guaranteed 100 coins.

How much should I bet on the price of bitcoin to get a guaranteed payout of 100 coins?

This depends on your needs in the short-run. If you are in the short-run, then a 100 btc bet might make sense if you are very short bitcoin if you want to make immediate profit. If you are in the long-run this might not work well, you would probably be better off having a smaller bet and only betting 100 btc every once in a while. For example, if you are in the short-run and don’t want anything you