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Simply put, a two horse bet is a bet in which you place a fixed dollar or other currency amount (usually in US Dollars) on either of one horse’s chances of winning the race on the Monday before the race. There are three ways to do so:

Option One: The 1/3 horse

Option Two: The 2/3 horse

Option Three: The 3/3 horse

There are very strict rules in place to prevent someone from making multiple bets per race in a single day, and this rule is based on the following:

This is for example only. There are many other instances where the system is used in other ways. But most of those can simply be described with the sentence “there is one rule”, regardless of the actual rule or how it gets applied.

The system is always “win”, for example. If the horse that goes first loses on Monday and Monday night, the winner should get the $5 horse, even though you know the horse lost the previous days. This is known as “one win, one draw”.

A “one win, one split” bet is essentially the same as a 1/3 horses, so basically you only have to pick the winner. However if the other horse wins it would cost extra money to do so. This may cause some players to take a bigger risk at the beginning of the race, because this would mean they are betting on a winner but only one way into the race.

A “two horse”, 2/3, or “3/3” bet is basically the same as a one-horse horse, so you must use your entire field. However the other horse at the “split” (and the winner of the previous bet) can use money they have already won to draw the other one. If the other horse wins or “split” the other one wins and the other horse loses, then the loser will only have $4 for the week. This “win, split” could be for money if this is the only way the other horse wins, but in that case the winner could draw the other horse.

The same bet can be done over and over again, but this requires that a certain amount of money be invested into it each time. This is known as an “investment”, as it will eventually be spent and the money will not disappear, but will be returned.

Examples of “twin” and “split” bets:

The 3/

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