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Here are some of my most popular race tips.

What are horse races and what is NAP race tips?

What are horse races?

Horse races are races held on specific courses in order for some races to have been won (winning percentage, and the winners’ prize money) while others have been lost. In this particular race, there are a number of different types of horse races with different lengths and categories, including 3 Mile, 4 Mile, Triple Crown, Long Shot, Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Breeders’ Cup and American Thoroughbred races.

What is National Appreciation Day?

National Appreciation Day is an annual national day to “pay tribute to the nation’s commitment to serving the people.” Some of the other important dates of the year include Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King, Jr., Columbus Day, and Mother’s Day

What is NAP Race Tips?

Below are some of the most popular racing tips I have been writing about for NAP race tips. Please share these tips with your horse racing friends and family, as this is a great time to spread the NAP racing tips to the racers and spectators. These tips may also be read by other horse racing enthusiasts to find other useful tips that may be applicable to their specific race.

Horse Race Tips To Help You

Here is one of my most popular NAP Race tips. It may be useful to consider adding the words “Horse Racing Tips” in front of each of the other tips I have written on this site in order to allow the readers to take in the information.


Race the races and try to win.

It doesn’t matter if you get to the finish line first or last! Even if you aren’t as fast as someone else, it does pay to try to race the race and not settle for anything less than a win.

What are Horse Race Tips To Help You?

Below are a few more tips for the readers of NAP Race Tips to help them have success in racing their horses.

The following is the most popular horse tips I have written and shared on this site for race tips.


Race the 1 mile races and try to be the fastest. You can run anything you want but if you have the fastest horse at the 1 mile, you won’t have to worry about your second-place horses.

What are Horse Race Tips To Help You

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