What is the best bet of the day?

The best bet I am giving is to not use an iPhone at all. I have had great experiences using both the Windows Store and the iOS App market. In my eyes there has only been minimal overlap, and that is mostly due to my own choices. So far, the Windows Store has consistently priced for less than an iPhone 6 when priced at its starting point, and if Apple does a great job of building things into their software, the Windows Marketplace could potentially go the opposite route.

My biggest concern is that the App Store will not allow for the same types of app development as the iOS marketplace. This will create a situation in which a person only has to develop apps for apps, and thus, won’t have a lot of fun or value if they only create apps for Apple products. If Apple can continue to get better at app development, it could actually open the door to more competition for apps on iOS.

But, there is more I could write, and I would love it if you shared it.

There is only an app for X, so if you can figure out how to get X to the end user then you’re on top. The best bet is to start by thinking of ways that you can make people buy more things you make.

So, before you buy anything, or start playing, check out this post about the two best ways to find free iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus deals.

Lastly, have a great weekend.

– Steve

If the “Gangnam Style” video was the biggest single viral sensation in history, its creator is making more in his home country of South Korea. His song, a song he created in 2014, has nearly 100 million views on YouTube, and has racked up several million of downloads. The lyrics have also become popular in China, the video’s largest market.

The video was the brainchild of Lee Soo Man, who also contributed “Gangnam Style” to the movie “The English Patient” and is one of Park Soon-sil’s closest friends in life.

Lee said he created the video specifically because there were so few female singers in South Korean pop culture. When he uploaded the original song, fans found it too familiar.

“I think I would create the most enjoyable video in South Korean pop culture if I made it as a girl,” he said.

South Korea is home to one of the largest teenage pregnancy rates in the world and as a result, there is often a problem