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The death of Secretariat is still being investigated. What we have gathered suggests that he may have been shot in the shoulder. The man who pulled off the Secretariat assassination is a very serious criminal.

A man named Paul Joseph Smith, a high ranking member of a secret society, is a man well known within the US Secret Service. After the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy in November 1963, he became one of the primary suspects in the case, having been caught trying to steal a car, and also being convicted of murder.
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He was arrested and eventually released from prison in 1971. In a 1991 interview with author Robert Pappard, the man was asked why the American Secret Service, a branch of the US military, was involved.

“In 1966 the organization was a very small operation. By the late ’70s the Secret Service had increased to more than a million dollars in assets, and had a very active program and it’s been the source of good success with crime of many of these politicians including me.”

According to several intelligence sources, Joseph Smith was also a member of a secret society that is known as the Anti-Defamation League, which has since been banned by the US government.

Secretariat believed to have been shot in the shoulder

According to a former White House advisor, Secretariat saw several people with Secretariat before he was killed.

“He would say that he had seen people in the White House after he was shot to speak privately with the President. He said that if they saw any one of them they would ask, ‘Do you think it was Secretariat?’ and if they said yes it would usually be him. He even said that if anyone asked him to look over the president for a time they would look over him and it was probably Secretariat.”

It is said that President Kennedy’s Secret Service detail would walk into Kennedy’s hotel room and then make their way to the front door.

“During the Presidential campaign it was thought that people would try to murder the president. I know that people like Lee Harvey Oswald did try to murder the president. He got no help from the FBI. They helped him. At one time the agents had to guard the president during the night, and he was in the hotel in Dallas. They had to keep him safe. They were not in that part of the hotel where the assassin got a chance to use their gun.”

Who was Secretariat?


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