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When it comes to post position it really comes down to who is best at the game – the most common position to post for is to be on the left wing/midfield, on the right wing or even centre back.

Who is best at marking the post?

The best player at guarding the post is the keeper. For defenders it doesn’t matter who the post player is as the position you play in matters. We have covered what the ball carriers need to do to defend the post in our post position guide. However, it is not just your positioning and reading of the game that counts but also how good you are at reading the game and making the correct decisions when defending the ball. This can be difficult to work on if you are not used to being a goalkeeper or even a defender, but it is an essential skill to improve, so stick with it! If you are a goalkeeper this may be a little more obvious, but it still helps to know what you need to do and what other defenders look to do to play you out of the area.

This is where your instincts will come in, so stick with them and use them to your advantage when defending, although it really isn’t that hard sometimes.

What else do keeper and midfielder players need to know to be good?

GK-keepers can be extremely useful for their position. A keeper needs to be able to read the game, read players, and analyse what is happening in the game. A midfielder should have good passing skills and be able to make good decisions in both the defensive and attacking positions.
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It is also important for a keeper and a midfielder to be able to help their team’s attack. This is where your passing skills, understanding of teammates and understanding the game will come into play.

Finally, a keeper and a midfielder need to be good on their feet. So many times they get caught out by runners, runners over the top or wing backs breaking from the back, and so a good keeper will be able to get off his line, stay compact and read players moving in front of him.


Good goalkeeper players should also be excellent as defenders. Having an offensive midfielder or keeper that can assist in attack is important. It also helps that all of your defence needs to be good at defending, so that all five players defending is a balanced and strong defence.

The key in defence is to be strong and quick, which is not all that difficult to work on, but

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