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-Carson, December 2008

We want you to look past it all, Carson. Ignore the fact that his Mexican heritage is part of this country’s history and don’t see the connection between this country and these people. See, that’s what makes America great. No matter what race they come from, no matter what skin color they have, they belong here.

Look, you know it’s true. Carson is a wonderful, man of faith. He even has three daughters and a son on the way. They are amazing people, and as anyone could tell you, none of them need a white man to guide them through life.

So even Carson’s ethnicity — even if it’s true that his blood is in me and his heritage is in them — doesn’t change anything. People like Carson can continue to act like they are all different races and all need a white man to guide them through their life because God will guide them on their path to salvation.

God will give Carson the peace to listen to what’s really going on and what the world has to say, and then he can take up his pen and a piece of paper and write a book where he explains why he’s got black people and white people in him and how he gets them all to live with him in paradise together.

This week, for just these reasons, here are six facts about Pope Francis that you might not know.

1. Pope Francis loves Jesus Christ too much to be influenced when it comes to Christianity

A few weeks back, Pope Francis had this to say about “progressive” Christianity:

It may be the most progressive and liberal movement in the history of the Church.”

But then, as the Associated Press writes:

“Pope Francis has denounced ‘progressive Christians’ who seek to bring about greater equality between the sexes, and questioned their morality and their faith.”

2. Pope Francis doesn’t take communion anymore: You won’t find him receiving one today.

From a 2013 column:

I know what you’re going to say: “But you’re the pope. You’re the one who speaks for everybody. You’re the one who can deliver the holy Eucharist.”

The truth is, this has been the norm for the last 70 years. You won’t see a papal visitor get baptized at Vatican City Hall. If he was, the person would get the privilege of receiving communion only a few hours after his formal appearance

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