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We all love to compare horses’ speed. However, the actual speed is highly variable and depends on each horse. The best way to be able to accurately compare two horses is to have a person or a group of people compare the different horses. A person is a big group of people and a group of horses can have a significant influence on the average.

You can be on the other end of the group as there may be people with speed, strength and fitness. They will want to run as fast as they can and be as accurate as possible with their results. The difference between horses on the one hand and a single person on the other is that the person will have the data, so they can correct the horse’s speed and give you the results you are used to seeing.

A well-trained individual can be 100% accurate compared to someone with poor or no running data. A single individual may make 100% accurate, but cannot compare the data accurately. They may be able to give you the results that are similar in a group of 50 horses. Therefore you may want a team of people who take their race data very seriously.

The best example of this is for competitive racing where one person runs 1000km on one horse. Then one person runs it under the same conditions and then another. The team then compares the results and is able to give you a lot more information such as the relative speed at which horses were run under different conditions.

What else do you do?

So there are a lot of things that go into winning the race, which can be extremely rewarding and sometimes extremely hard, but it is also extremely rewarding for racing enthusiasts to watch the best horses race.

You will often see the best horses race at a competition. These will start at a very high level and continue their journey into the elite category.

The races usually start with a competition for the overall race, but occasionally there is a race for a particular race. If you are on board a team, the coaches can help to take the best horses forward toward the pinnacle of their career. They help to train and support the team and in return, you get to watch the horse’s journey toward his top end.

You may want to join a team or start one yourself. There are many different options, many of which are great places to start your horse’s career.

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