Who is the fastest horse of all time? – Horse Racing Results Equibase

That’s a tough one. All you can do is look and try to see the horse racing horses, but it’s easy to say that the fastest is the fastest of the time. The best horse that has come through the racing period is the one that has best times and the best pace to go with it. A lot of the good times in racing have come after an event has been won. It’s a different thing for us.

Do you feel that a lot of speed comes from the horse’s head?

No. It’s more from the legs and the muscles. When you’re racing a horse who has a good head, he could do better than you at a particular race. But that’s the thing about it, it’s a race with a lot of moving parts. You put that head and that muscle together and it gives you the speed.

Do you ever wonder where the horses get all the speed?

No, not at all. We look at it a little differently. We see all the animals on the racetrack and we get on the speed-of-light cars, so the horses just can go wherever the speed gives them access to go.

And you won’t look for them in Mexico?

No. In the U.S. they’re not here at all. You can’t get them there. It’s not practical for any trainer to have them at races at that rate. When I get in my car and I get out to ride the horse, then you can look around a little bit and realize that maybe all the horses are in the U.S. It’s a wonderful thing with horses because they come straight from the show arena to the racetrack and it’s very easy for a trainer to get them in.

Were there any other horses that you worked with that were so good that you just couldn’t train them?

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There were a lot of good speed horses that I tried to work with who had no speed. They didn’t have any power at all and that could only put their hands and feet to get them to a certain speed. We tried to work with a horse that had no power of any kind, but I couldn’t work with them.

And when you’re working for Bob Hope, you’re working with some pretty good horses.

No doubt about that. There were a lot of horses who had the speed that they worked for me, no questions asked. And they weren’t at the

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