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We don’t know for sure why, especially in the winter, but there could be a number of hypotheses that could cause this extra weight.

As snow and ice accumulate, the animal’s body structure is modified, making it more difficult for it to carry any additional load. It’s not just the weight that’s changed, but also the shape of its body.

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A horse’s hindquarters are quite different from its front legs, which means that, if it had to carry more, it might become more prone to a crash or injury.

Another way this extra weight can affect a horse’s performance is by constricting its airway.

Constricted airways restrict the air that goes into and out of the lungs, which allows blood flows to its heart and lungs to be more efficient.

In other words, if a horse is more prone to sudden bouts of coughing or snorting, it could have been breathing too much air and causing its lungs to grow too large for it. In addition, it could also have been eating too frequently, which is why it has trouble digesting the carbohydrates it consumes.

One of the ways in which this is affected is by how well a horse’s muscles handle the extra weight, or even whether it has a problem with the lungs.

If your horse suffers from breathing difficulties, it may also be less able to breathe at depth, with the blood pooling into the abdominal cavity, causing heart problems.

How does this affect me if I’m riding a horse?

A horse’s ability to move is dependent on all its muscles and joints working together to support both body weight and the rider’s weight. As a result, horses take a lot of strain each time they are ridden, which causes them to strain a lot of other muscles as well, which will make their movements feel stiff and clumsy the next time you ride them.

When exercising, it’s best to give your horse two things: a light jacket to help prevent it getting too hot (because it will be breathing more than it would during non-exercise times; and not to cover up any exposed skin, because it will become inflamed and inflamed skin is even more difficult to deal with), and some weight so his muscles can move.

There are more ways in which your horse may cause discomfort though — whether by overstretching his muscles or straining them, or doing something else that increases strain on his muscles or joints.

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