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The horse may be able to keep going, but if you’ve never ridden a horse this time of year, you might be confused.

The majority of equestrians, who will likely be handling your horse, will know that equestrians usually go forward. In general, horseback riders generally stop if they do not see anybody standing in front of them (and there is no need to do this).

When your horse isn’t following the group of horses, she may stop to let you know.

If your horse stops, it means that there is someone in front of her that isn’t there. Your horse may look at you with a surprised expression. In most cases, your horse will look around her.

If you’re not riding with a group, talk to your trainer or groom about making an appointment with the rider who has been running ahead and leading the group.

The rider likely knows where she is. You’ll find this rider by the name of her horse, or they may just tell you.
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If you see that horse stop to look around, you should speak up and ask the rider in front of her if anything is wrong with her horse.

How can I get my horse to turn around?

Some horses will turn around to see if anyone is next to them. If you see this happen, you probably need to keep your distance.

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The contraceptive plan is currently being tested in the city of Guiyang, a tourist destination popular with young Chinese couples. The plan is to be rolled out in other areas of China within a few days, it said.

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