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Why will it let me eat if my food is gone?

Why do I eat?

Why am I so miserable?

Why am I miserable?

Why do I live?

Why do I live?

Why do I live?

Why do I live?

Why do I live?

Why do I live?

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Why do I live?

After some extensive testing, I managed to successfully install Ubuntu 14.04 and its Unity desktop environment. You’ve got to admit, this experience was more fun that you think you’re going to get with an upgrade from Fedora or Ubuntu.

The good thing is that this time, my hard disk was in good shape and the setup process looked simple. It was really more like an adventure rather than some sort of nightmare. Plus – it wasn’t that much of an effort. Here are some of my highlights.

Getting up and running

My new-and-improved (non-working) desktop setup started off as a quick test before getting to what I consider the real meat of the whole process – running a terminal window.

I installed Unity desktop environment from the Ubuntu repository (so no need to do anything special), and I then used the terminal command prompt to load and login with my new home location (this works for all major Desktop environments). Of course, the only thing left there at this point was installing the Ubuntu Software Packaged Updates (SPU) packages (the last one on Ubuntu is known as updates).

Note: The steps for updating these packages are pretty much the same as for other popular Desktop environments.

After installing Ubuntu’s latest updates, I was able to log into the Unity shell environment. This was actually fairly painless – the environment only prompts for username and password when you enter your credentials, which was also super convenient.

Note: All of the above should have happened automatically, but the Ubuntu software package management system isn’t that good yet.

Installing Unity (and Icons)

There is a new software package manager for Debian called apt-get, which I’m not going to discuss in detail here, unless you are interested in more about it, in which case I’ll refer you to some other article (I’ll explain further at the end of this article).

Installing Unity isn’t hard at all; just follow the steps below.

Start by installing the package manager for Gnome.


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