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The truth is, I’ve been playing a lot – all-too-long – and one of the reasons why I quit playing was that I simply couldn’t play guitar (or any instrument), like any decent player could. I couldn’t understand why these guitar players could do well with guitar, but couldn’t. It’s as if they had a certain mental barrier – I don’t know if it’s my own or some type of conditioning – but I thought my mind was just too much “out of whack”. After I began hearing so much good music that was all on the same wavelength, I realised I had to play guitar again. What’s more, I’ve discovered, there are real benefits in guitar lessons, too. I’ll never do a gig without it and I don’t think I could do something else for real.

How do you feel – personally, professionally or personally – about the industry as a whole today?

One of my main issues with music in general is that people don’t really take responsibility for what they do, it’s all someone else’s problem – they just want their money from everyone because they’re “guitar gods”. The whole industry seems to be very reliant on the word “guitar” to sell itself and I don’t understand why in the world we need a songwriter to take control of music, or even better, how anyone can be responsible for anything if music is completely in the hands of someone else. If I could have my way, all music would be taken over by corporations and they would just write the songs and the people would buy the music.

There are a lot of positive changes from what I’ve read on social media. What do you feel is missing?

I’d love to see more artists get serious, make a conscious decision that they want to be in control of their music and be creative. I’m all for giving the people more and more control and I’d love to see that more musicians – myself included – take on that responsibility. I want the music to be more creative and I don’t care where it comes from – the people who make it or whatever – it’s just not up to me.

Tell us a little about your approach to production. How do you choose things?

I take a lot of inspiration from the music I listen to, especially what I’m listening to right now, too. I listen to albums by musicians that really excite me or don’t disappoint. I’m a huge

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