Are guitarists smart? – Youtube Learn Guitar Songs Wonderful Tonight Chords Ezra

To answer yes, guitarists are really smart. There’s something about being in the right situation, being at the right time, and having it just click in your head that, “This is how I want to play,” that really freaks people out.

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Your best friends are your guitar teachers.

One of my best friends is guitar teacher Paul Bostaph. He is the real deal. He’s so good that you really believe in him. He can really teach you stuff. He has a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge about guitar.

Which is one thing that has changed lately in your playing?

Well, in the last few years I’ve noticed that when I take the time, every once in a while, to find an out-of-band situation, I’ll play a song off my best album. Even when a lot of guys are playing the same songs, I’ll find a good opportunity to be with someone who loves the music I love.

So every once in a while it makes the perfect marriage?

Yes. I still love playing the same songs over and over.

Do you play a lot of songs you’ve never played live?

Oh god yes. At every show I play, the crowd is excited to hear my favorite songs from the previous ones.

Do you think the fans have gotten the hang of the live shows or do you still have some more things you want to teach them?

I definitely do. Live is one of the most complicated things they’ve ever done with a guitar. If I taught you to play a guitar, and you played with me, you would have to play for 2,000 days. They have all that time, too. It’s a lot of work.

What do you do to make friends when you’re not on the road?

It’s a bit of both. At times I’m at home and I play guitar with my wife for a few weeks to see what happens. I love it. At other times I’m out on tour and play with other people my age. It’s a different lifestyle. But I really do want to play with my buddy Rob, who I’ve been playing with for 10 years.

So what about that other person you just mentioned? Do you get along with him or her well?

Yes. Rob and I are really good friends. We were just going out to a show

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