Can you teach yourself guitar? – Easiest Way To Learn Guitar Modes Pdf Download


Not at all!


I don’t think so.

So you can’t teach yourself?

I don’t think so.

Are you a teacher?

No, I’m not a teacher of anything.

But you can teach?

Yes I can!

Are you very good at it?

I’m not very good at it but I can probably teach it better than anybody in the world.

How many years have you been playing guitar?

I’ve been playing guitar since I was five years old.

How does it come into your life?

I get to use free time, and I just sort of pick up where I left off.

In your music?

There’s nothing much in my music. I write what I feel, and then I make it.

Do you make the music that you want to write?

I don’t know for sure, I mean I’m not really thinking about what I do and do not want to do.

Do you think you’ll ever write a song about being alone?

I think so, no, I don’t think I want to write about being alone. And I think that would be something very strange, because you’ve got so many things in life that are important to you. And if you don’t need things so much, it can be very isolating, you might even think that you are better when you have nothing or you don’t need anything.

What do you think about the songs that got so many fans and fans have become your biggest fans?

I think that that happens sometimes. I don’t know why.

Do you have a record out?

I don’t think that a record exists.

Does it have any release date?

No. Well I think it will be finished in May of 1993. You can always guess when I have done an album and that’s what you really know and know now that it’s over.

Are most fans not going to buy it?

They are not going to buy it.

Are all the fans going to buy it?

No. I know there are people who will buy it, but I don’t think they will buy it.

Are you ever going to release it?

No, I don’t think I’ll ever release it. I don’t

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