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If you know at least 5-8 jazz guitar chords or any other form of popular guitar music, learning to play guitar by ear will take just a matter of seconds, just like playing guitar.

But if you only know a few chords, practice will take longer.

And if you can’t play by ear, you’ll need to practice by ear.

If you want the most out of your practice time, practice by ear.

Most players can’t play chords well by ear, so the way to get good at learning guitar by ear is to practice by ear.

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Why memorize chords?

Practice makes perfect

The best way to learn guitar chords is to make small, manageable, consistent changes.

The way to practice by ear is to memorize chords.

You practice by playing through those changes for an extended period.

You practice on your guitar without looking forward to the time when the change you’ve memorized gets added to the guitar solo.

Practice by ear, and the changes you make look easier and more natural than they really are.

Learning guitar chords by ear really takes practice.

It takes practice every time you play a jazz chord — and each time you play a jazz chord you’re playing more and more, increasing the difficulty.

So it’s not that it takes a lot of time to memorize chords, but practice is the thing that’s needed for memorizing chords.

The more practice you do in a day, each day, the more easy and natural you learn to play new chords, which is the best way to increase the size of your repertoire.

But to be able to learn new chords by ear, you need to learn guitar chords at least 8 times or more every day.

If this makes a lot of sense to you, then by all means go for it.

You won’t find anything more efficient than studying chord progressions on the guitar solo.

If you do, you’ll quickly learn all the new chords you need to have a great jazz guitar solo.

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That will take you a lifetime.

And you won’t need to memorize any other chords at all, because it’s only a couple of seconds to play any chord to a nice sounding tone, all the time you need.

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