How do I learn guitar chords? – Learn Guitar Chords

Most musicians know the basic guitar chord structure by heart, but there are a few things that you need to become more familiar with.

There are 4 chords in the major scale which comprise the major key for different instruments, these are C, G, F and A.

Each of these chords has a specific pitch range that you have to play when making chord progressions or when soloing.

Knowing the fundamental chords will help you to quickly improvise and find the sound that you want to make when in a jam.

In this guide we’ll explain what fundamental chords are and how to learn them! So lets get this band started…

The Guitar Chord Structure

The guitar chord structure is comprised of 4 major chords which have distinct pitches

These pitches are C, B, D and G Major

C is the most prominent note on the guitar and in this case is what we’re going to call the root note

These 4 pitches are what are used for creating melodies and chord progressions

Let’s say you want to take a quick listen to this guitar riff. First notice the notes for this chord sequence:

The first two notes are B, on the C chord the second note is C. This creates the sound that is the root note

The notes on the D chord are G, the third note is A

The notes on the G chord are D. On the E chord, the notes are E, F, and A. This creates the sound that is a major chord.

The notes on the A chord are C, D, and E

B, D and F are the 3 notes in the musical scale called the octave. These 3 notes are called the dominant scale or scale for each note of the D chord.

If you’re familiar with the scale, you should be able to now understand the following chords!

Here is a visual representation of the guitar chord structure and a few examples from D to G to E.

What is the Major Chord Structure and what is the Minor Chord Structure?

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The major scale begins with C. These two notes form the first note of the major scale.

The second note of the scale is a Major 7th which is the 7th note of the Major Scale.

In simple terms the Major scale creates the sound of a major chord. Notice that the notes are C, D, F, A.

The minor scale

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