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Beginner guitar students should try the beginner guitar to determine if it is right for them. For beginners who want to learn the basics as well as advanced playing, there are a number of guitar packages that are well worth checking out. These popular beginner guitar packages include the popular guitar packs from Gibson guitars, Martin guitars, Trombone and French horn makers and others. There are also beginner guitar kits and lessons.

Is it true that the top price of a new instrument will drop with age?

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Yes! In fact, the first instrument you buy can cost up to as much as $35k. This is based on the amount you need to pay to purchase the instrument, and the value of the instrument to you. Some of our favorite guitars are only $80, or even less, and it’s only because of the low price of their production. Even when you have a big budget, it is very possible sometimes to find an affordable instrument for under $250.

What about beginners?

You should expect to learn everything you can do on your first instrument, but the things that you need to grow and improve are something you’ll learn from your playing as you play. If you already know a lot about guitar, you can get started on any guitar package, but if you’re not, the options are limited! We give a great general beginner guitar overview in our guide to all the new and best beginner guitar packages.

Are there any beginner guitar packages that aren’t very cheap?

Some beginner guitar packages are quite expensive, especially when the guitar is built by one of the biggest guitar companies. However, there are a few packages that are relatively affordable. If you’ve got a lot of money to spend so you can save a great deal, we recommend getting the guitar from one of the major guitar companies. Here are some of our favorites.

How do I pick a beginner instrument?

You don’t need to be an expert guitar player to play a new instrument, but you will need some experience to get the most out of your new instrument. That is why we developed the Fender Beginner’s Toolkit. This toolkit is a great resource to help you pick a beginner guitar. It provides step by step instructions on picking and playing all the basic guitar scales.

Do you have any recommended guitar beginner packages besides those listed above? Please share them in the comments sections below!

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