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Your guitar needs to be very clean and has less of a pick action then a guitar with a lot of strings. If a guitar has more string movement, then it’s not clean enough, if it has less then it’s not a good choice as it may contain a lot of debris!

I have lots of problems with my guitar and will ask you to solve my problem – is that ok?

We’ll make it up to you! You can always email us so that we can see if we can work things out!

It was the worst disaster in the history of our nation, the greatest tragedy inflicted on the American people, and the worst war in our history, but it had no end in sight.

We were told at the time that we were entering the era when we could do anything we wanted and get away with it. Well, we’ve been doing that for years now – and we’ve done pretty well for ourselves.

But in what will go down as the great failure of American history, something far more damaging has become apparent to the American people — one I want to talk about today. That’s the problem with our government.

In fact, it’s the most dangerous problem we face for many reasons. And it has always had a deadly tendency to explode from the outside in a terrible, uncontrollable way, and that could happen again, if we don’t get some tough leaders back in there.

So today I’m going to talk about the most important aspect of the problem: our dysfunctional government.

I want to tell you right now that I’m proud to have taken a hard line on this issue with all my heart, because I really believe that if you are going to have your basic civil liberties and liberties compromised and your civil rights being undermined in ways that have never happened before, you know what — we shouldn’t be dealing with that, we should be dealing with the underlying problem. The root cause of a long line of disasters in our history is our broken constitutional system and our government. You might call them political, and I know in my experience they’ve all kind of involved government, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

So let me tell you a story about how the federal government is dysfunctional and our Constitution and our system of government are broken: The president of the United States is a guy from West Point. But he’s not a real West Point kid. His West Point dad is a real West Point guy, but he’s kind of

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