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My friends and I pick guitars all the time: we’re a great combination of the pros and the amateurs. While I can definitely recommend a guitar I have, you may not be as lucky as I was and need to search for a guitar you like better. You can find your perfect guitar at any of the four major guitar dealers with my special Guitar Specialist program. The following links will help you find the right guitar for you.

Pricewise, here are some suggested guitars. I’m sure there are more.

For a limited time, you can buy an entire set of my guitars for just one low-ball price on Ebay. Check it out here. That alone is enough to justify a purchase of any of these guitars I mentioned above but also to find something that even your most die-hard guitar fan might not know about. This is probably the best money-saving way to go! The price of each set is usually in the same range as the one you get at a major guitar repair shop. Most of the time, a full set of my guitars will run you roughly $300-400.

Here are all the guitars I have listed in my guide to finding the perfect guitar:

What guitar should I get?

The way to make sure your guitar is the right guitar at the right time is to look at what it’s like and what it plays like. If you’ve never played an electric guitar, this page is for you! The page also includes guitar playing tips and tricks that you can take advantage of to make it sound better.

What should I know about picking a


I’ve always thought picking a guitar should be an intuitive thing, right? Well, that’s no longer the case. When you pick a pick, you’re trying to pick a tone that will best suit the string of the guitar, not the guitar itself. If you know the strings on your guitar, you’ll know which one will produce the best sound, but you aren’t sure. That’s usually because all but the most expensive guitars are made with a very flat sound. This flat sound is often more interesting and useful to the ears than the humbucker-heavy sound that you may have come to expect from guitars. There’s also a tonal difference with humbuckers, which can affect the sound. I’ll tell you all about these differences here as well.

How would I know if my picked guitar played like mine?

The way

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