How long does it take to learn acoustic guitar?

I started with the guitar around 1 (in about 1 month). I really feel bad that I can play without any technical knowledge of the instrument but with years of practice. I can now do well for the most part if I have only listened to guitar for a few weeks. (I am in the process of learning the piano too), and if I have to go to school for some of the technical stuff too I can do that too. There are other players who have also played guitar in a few months. The reason why I don’t like that idea is because it is not good for me to be learning all the time.

So the question I am asking you is how long does it take to learn a musical instrument?

I believe it takes about 2-3 years to learn something well if you follow the same procedure. To learn a musical instrument, you need to learn to sing, play a musical instrument, make the instrument into a singing instrument, play a different instrument, learn the piano, etc. I believe that once you learn that it is hard to go on without learning the following.

How to find a suitable band to sing in?

You need to ask yourself which band or artists you wish to sing in. I am lucky enough to have many different bands that I work with and when it comes to a band I just make their songs and record them.

Do you know anyone that is able to play in a band?

Yes, I know many musicians and I am always glad to have another way for us musicians to develop our abilities.

What do you play?

A new study by researchers at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and the University of Washington in Seattle finds a possible connection between autism and the gut bacteria of early-life mothers.

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