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The National Rifle Association’s (NRA) response to the recent mass shooting in Orlando, Florida is to call on members to arm themselves and take “some personal responsibility,” and to “not take things out of proportion.”

“There’s no excuse for what happened in Orlando or for the shootings that have taken place,” NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre said Monday in a speech at the annual meeting of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, the lobbying arm.

But as many NRA members see it, those who don’t stand up when they hear such things are putting a “more innocent” member in danger.

On Twitter, they say their guns are “more important than guns for the people who want to kill the NRA.”

NRA’s official Twitter account responded to someone on Tuesday with a question: “What will we do to stop the gun violence that kills so many?”

“All that aside, there is no excuse for what happened in Orlando or for the shootings that have taken place,” LaPierre said. He emphasized that the American public is “not helpless in their resistance” and that “it’s always at risk of losing our freedoms and freedom of our homes, our liberty and our lives.”

He went on to say that “this is the kind of violence that has caused the end of civilization, it’s the kind that destroys the economy, it’s the kind that destroys individual rights, and it will continue until they don’t want us here. And once they start doing this, it starts affecting not only the lives of the innocent but it starts affecting the lives and freedom of all of you.”

The speech is one of the best and most informative in the organization’s history, and LaPierre has a long history of drawing on tragedies and “the end of civilization,” according to The Hill.

He has even made reference to the Holocaust, according to Mother Jones.

“We can’t be afraid of what comes next, the kind of carnage we’ve

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