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Not long at all. The first guitar I learnt was a Gibson Les Paul and I had to learn it again as it was my first electric guitar and it’s a hard thing to learn if you don’t play on stage to get the right feel. I learnt the guitar at four for the first time (in 1968) and it’s always very important to have a good teacher. I am lucky that I have got some incredible guitar teachers that have helped me.

What instrument did you use for ‘My Generation’ and are you currently working on any other new music?

I’m currently working on a project called ‘New Music and Music.’ It’s a really hard project, it’s called ‘New Music and Music for New Generations,’ it’s about music coming from different musical backgrounds and from different countries, so I’m working on it in a totally new way. I have a lot of different musicians writing and performing on this project and we’re going through it and it’s not done yet. I’m in the last weeks of an enormous recording process and I’m working on it with my guitar teacher John Dimmick. I haven’t actually played on it yet, I know that I have to show him that I can play something, and hopefully that will come before long, and that’s the main part.

The first part of the production of this album was recorded by a small group of us and John Dimmick, who’s a wonderful musician who really understands how to make a great album. We went into this record really thinking that we were going to do something really experimental and unique, and so we started with a few songs really early on, like ‘Crazy World’ or ‘All My Exes Are Ex-Girlfriends.’ But after that, we knew we were coming with a very strong plan about what we were going to do. And John really understood and supported us from that point and he has helped us along the way and we are very lucky to have him to help us with this.

Do you find touring has contributed to the writing of some songs?

Oh yes it has. I find that I live, my lifestyle has changed a lot. Before I was touring so often and the idea was to make the best recordings of my music I could. As a lot of people know, touring really took a toll on my health and if it hadn’t been for it I would not be where I am now and so for that I am grateful for it. I think a

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