How long does it take to learn guitar chords? – Easy Songs For Kids To Learn On The Guitar

The answer depends on two things. If you are a beginner you may need to learn several chords in order to get your finger to play the chord correctly. If you are comfortable with chords you may only need to learn a few or one of them. But most players, no matter how experienced they believe they are, will eventually get to the point where they can play all the chords in the standard guitar chord repertoire.

So how long might it take you to learn all the C, D and G chord symbols?

The first two chords to learn are the C chord and the A chord. The following chords require the greatest concentration because they all contain a large number of notes. The notes in C are C, D, G and A (E would be the next most frequent). But it wouldn’t really be fair to judge an individual by the chord symbols that he/she learns first. Some players learn the notes very quickly with an intuitive chord knowledge whereas others get better and better each time they apply the chords to the written material.

As far as the actual learning of the chord symbols starts with learning the C chord, the time will depend on a number of factors. If your fingers are too weak then learning the symbols will be quite difficult. This may be a good reason to give up trying to learn the symbols and concentrate entirely on the written material.

If the letters are too difficult for you (A, B and C) then the best thing would be to keep working on the chord symbols to get to the stage where you can read the chords out clearly.

For those who can read and practice quickly I would recommend that you get to the point where you can learn the A chords in less than 20 minutes. The remaining chords in this list are the easiest. You may need longer to learn more complicated chord symbols. If that is the case then you should be able to learn one chord per day for about a month.

Learning the chords to find the A chord

This is the chord symbol that we will learn in this module. The symbols are arranged in a 3D shape with the A chord being located in the center.

The next chord to learn is the G chord. It has one note (G) and the second note (m) is at the third (f) from G. So the second chord G is the same as C, D, F and G. G is the perfect chord for any playing situation.

The last chord that we will learn

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