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You must learn to play a full guitar chord progression at an early age. When a teenager gets stuck on a fretting exercise, he has nothing to use as a guide for his progress. It’s difficult to find good chords at an early age, so it’s best to practice a few songs with the chords in mind in order to prepare your brain for what will be a lengthy learning experience. Also, playing a couple of popular songs from your favorite artists can help you to get the hang of the chords.

The first ever “G-Men” concert is in the books–it’s billed as the “largest and most anticipated concert show ever performed in Canada”–on Saturday, December 14th at the National Centre for Music.

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It will undoubtedly draw up to 30,000 people, with a focus on music by the likes of Justin Bieber, Usher, and Bruno Mars, and a slew of celebrities who are part of the “G-Men” video shoot.

The headline act, though, is the most anticipated: Toronto’s own Shania Twain, known also for her music.

Shania’s performance is the first appearance for the 22-year-old, whose rise to fame began with her 2010 hit, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” that she rapped, wrote, and recorded as a teenager.

With a knack for writing and singing catchy hooks and a refreshingly simple style, the singer has already broken out of a group of Canadian teen-hipstas: One Direction, whose members have collaborated on a number of songs, including their single “This Kiss” and “This Kiss,” produced by The Verve’s Justin Martin.

The “G-Men” video shoot for one of the songs of the show will also feature the likes of Nick Jonas, who is also working on a new album, and The Weeknd, who recently released the video for “The Hills.”

The entire night is open to women (with a special focus on fashion, hair styling, and makeup, but not clothing, as the shoot has been discontinued by the Toronto Public Library), as will the concert itself.

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