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We have taught thousands of kids through Guitar Hero on and Guitar Player. We would love to have many more Guitar Pros around the world to support them in the studio.

Can I use my Music Player account with this app?

Yes you can, but we make use of Google Play Music to store playlists, playlists you save from Music Player (e.g. “All of my guitar tracks”) and so on.

How do the music players work?

When you start you get two choices of music players. They allow you to browse or start playing music.

Google Music has a new interface which makes a big difference for learning guitar. It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s much cleaner and more intuitive and also it’s much easier to use.

The app also comes with some cool features, like the free and ads free versions – Music Player works on Music Player too.

What if my mobile phone gets stolen? What will happen next?

If you are not protected with your login to then you just need to remember to change your password and this will reset your password for all your devices. There is also a new security password protection system you can use on your web browser – or using your phone’s lock screen.

Do not fear though as with our new lock screen app you can change the PIN and/or password and also reset the password for your phone or web browser with your phone or mobile.

What if my music players are not working?

Please read this section below

How come your lessons don’t seem to be working on your phone?

The first thing to notice is that our new app doesn’t automatically play our lessons. It actually has many audio tracks which you can play. This usually starts with a song that you just need to pick up and it will stop it playing the song you picked up. You can stop the app to the next track after you play to the next track, or you can try skipping forward or backwards if you’re starting with a song you didn’t know much about! When you go through the new lessons it becomes faster to get them but sometimes it still takes a little time. If this doesn’t help you then please read the rest of this section to help you find the solution to the problem.

How do I set your app up

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