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What are your personal favorite guitars and their value? If you had to write an article on money, what would it be about?

I love my acoustic guitars. I enjoy the process of learning to play, and I am a huge fan of a lot of the great musicians I am lucky to play with. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 14 years old. The fact that I have a well-defined career path and financial structure in place is one of the reasons I like guitar so much. I was born and raised where my father owned his own guitar repair shop where I spent most of my time playing and growing as a guitar player. I started studying music at age 12, and I started playing guitar again when I was 15. When I was 16, my parents had a guitar sale and I got a new one that had been purchased from a store for 75 bucks. At the time, I could not believe that there were people in the world who could afford to buy a guitar like that for that cheap! I’ve been doing business since I was 16 and have learned just as much as I have grown over the years. As for my personal favorite guitars, I have about 7 of them, most of which I bought when I was 16 – I do not own another. My favorite song is “Good Morning Little School Girl” by Prince, because I can remember when that was one of my favorite guitar solos. I’ve gotten my first Yamaha guitar back in 1995 and my first guitar amplifier in 1997.

How often do you practice/practice? What are your personal favorite guitarists/maintainers for learning guitar?

Practicing has never really been my strong suit and I think it takes a lot of hard work on my part to get better each week. I do occasionally practice at home and at Guitar Center. My personal favorite is probably Pete Townshend (he is a good friend, but I know it’s not all that much fun) because his playing is so good and simple. I don’t tend to be the most vocal person when it comes to my guitar playing, but when I want to go to the gym in the summer it’s really not that hard for me to show up. The music I like for practice is a lot of country-folk, punk, and blues. I have one of the newest Yamaha amps I own that I think has the best tone I’ve ever experienced.

There is such a small and passionate community of guitarists in the South. Do you see anything

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