How much do guitar lessons cost per hour? – Learn Guitar Online Free

Most guitar lessons are delivered as a free online session which you have to pay for if you want to continue listening or doing homework. However, in most cases this can be discounted to approximately $25-$50 if you get some extra time.

Can I get free guitar lessons?

Most guitar lessons are delivered entirely in chat or a combination of both services. It’s likely that some private lessons will charge for the extra time involved, but they usually charge extra if you do choose the full online plan that includes the music.

How can I find out if my music subscription is a good value for the money?

This is a hard question and the price point for private online guitar lessons often fluctuates a lot between online services. Check out my post on the best guitar lessons to see which ones have a pretty good return rate and which ones aren’t doing much for you – or if you’re a student, check out a complete list of all the guitar lesson deals that are currently being looked at at

Should I use an audio lesson for my private lessons?

Audio guitar lessons are generally a great way to start learning without having a huge bank account to throw around. But there are two major arguments on the “should I use it” side of it:

The audio is more expensive to learn in – most private lessons are at least $25 per hour and probably more. Most private musicians don’t have room for a great pair of headphones – the majority of songs aren’t all that loud. The audio isn’t always accurate – that’s why my music is not so loud – because my guitar is in the bedroom recording at maximum volume and there are few other guitarists in the room. I think the main arguments for using an audio lessons are:

It takes you longer

It’s more personal

There is a bit more value if you already know how to play and if you already have an appreciation of music.

But the main reason to use audio lessons is that it’s a lot easier and can be used anywhere you are.

A lot of private guitar guitar lessons are delivered online so there’s no need for a fancy computer setup.

And it’s possible to get a great price at an online private lessons shop for your guitar. (If you’re wondering just how cheap they can be you can read about where to shop for your guitar lessons by clicking here, but I can give you the lowdown just by using the same technique

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