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There’s no doubt a student’s guitar skills will be improved, and the teacher will make them better. But how much do you know about a new course or a free course? What sort of materials do you use? Are you able to provide a comprehensive list of information?

If you’re using one or many of them on your own, a beginner course can cost more than you’d think. It’s possible to get very cheap courses on YouTube in the US, for example, and some even offer free versions (such as a course called Practising Guitar For Dummies), but the costs will inevitably increase exponentially as the courses get more specialized and more expensive.

You can also do a bit of research to get an idea of how much a particular instructor charges, but the process can be time-consuming. The course materials itself are not always clear in terms of price. When doing some research, ask your instructor. Many instructors will tell you at least the price for the first 90 days of the course, and then add additional services or discounts. But the final course price isn’t always clear.

What’s it like being a teacher? Should I get paid?

You can earn as much as you want teaching. Most instructors are very professional, and some will even pay you cash for each lesson they send you. At other times, a course may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour, while at some instructors it may be free.

Some instructors are even paid to take online courses. If that’s your idea of what you’re doing, it’s probably not a bad idea to take a course from someone and look for some work.

How much can I expect to earn if I teach for free?

The exact answer depends on the exact courses you take. While there are always some experts out there working with new students, a lot of the courses are free, even for full-time instructors.

Most courses will involve a minimum of 1-2 hours of study time per week (the number of days is usually listed at the beginning of each program, if its not listed at the time of taking), which equals between $100 to $150 per day. A student will receive an average of about a couple of hours of study per week, with the amount of study time varied, according to the course.

Some courses may have several hours of study time, but the amount of time dedicated to each lesson is often listed separately in the program. Some courses will have

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