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It depends on your budget. Guitar supplies (covers, luthiers, etc.) have been sold at Guitar Center stores since 1959, but it is difficult to find good prices for your first instrument. The guitar you buy should have a quality built body with full, rich warm tone. The headstock should not feel sharp or rub. A cheap set of strings can be very disappointing when you play a very good one. A professional-quality, professional-quality guitar should have a set of “white widow” strings from one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

How many frets does a guitar have? There are two main ways to determine fret count for a guitar. The first way is by using a digital fret-preference machine in Guitar Center or a tuner on a digital tuner. (Most electric guitars have a digital tuner, although they are not as common). The second method is to record the position/length of the string that you are holding on the fretboard with an off-the-shelf fret-preference program (such as Guitar Player’s Vocal Tuner). This can give you the fingerings you want if the frets are a little low on the neck. The next time you tune the guitar, or use an in-house tuner, try and use the fret-preference program to ensure that all the other string notes are recorded as well.

Guitar parts are often interchangeable (especially electric guitars) so it is very important to make sure you know which parts fit what. You might not have to change a whole string, just two, for example, but changing two strings can give you a totally different sound. If you have a guitar with two humbucking pickups, you will want to pick the two pickups that sound best for that particular guitar. If your guitar is an acoustic, you may need two bass- and one treble-only pickups. These are referred to as a “high-end” and a “low-end” combo. You can find similar choices for other instruments by visiting Guitar Center’s “Gear Store” page.

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Can I substitute a pickguard with a different part? As of the mid-1990’s, most guitars and basses used fixed pickups. This means that the pickups on any particular guitar and amp do not rotate, so that all the parts can be installed correctly. The best way to ensure that your pickup is compatible with your guitar is to get a replacement for just the pickup you intend to keep.

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