How much is a decent guitar?

The average guitarist probably plays a guitar worth around $150,000. That’s a pretty steep chunk, but it also includes things like the cost of the wood—the cost of the pickups, the tuning hardware, and so on—plus the cost of tuning machines and so on. This can amount to over $1 million, and it’s all of it a bit of a gamble if you’re not a pro. You can make that money as a pro on a budget, but your luck simply isn’t going to be in it when the opportunity comes. If you’re lucky and are good at playing, you may make the money you want—maybe even all of it and still not live out of it, like many people in big cities who get a six-figure salary from a small studio.

If you’re a musician or musician-producer, you’re probably doing more of a deal-making job than just producing music—you can make money from touring, but you’re probably really only making that money for other musicians and labels. It’s not something you should go out and spend a ton of money on if you’re not really looking to make money.


Are there any benefits to working at $4-a-day internships?

There are a lot of benefits, but I know some people whose internships are more than they deserve. Internships are often very low profile, and if you get your foot in the door, they say “ok, we’ll put you on a list, you can talk to other interns and we’ll pay you for that.” These are often very short-term contracts which are not really for long term thinking in regard to the company you’re working for. It’s only for the short term, or the year or maybe even, in some cases, two year contracts. And, for interns that have the ability to pay, they’re usually only going to do something that’s useful when they’re actually looking at the money that was spent. They get a huge, huge amount of time off to work on their own stuff in their free time and on weekends. I think that people want to feel like they’ve achieved something, even if the money isn’t there.


You’re just as likely to work for an unpaid intern as you are for someone paying you, so why do you think unpaid interns are on the way out?

When you work for $2.00 an hour and the pay is $5.00 an