How much should I pay for a beginner guitar? – Learn How To Play Guitar Free Lessons

A solid guitar should cost between $500 – $1000. You should not put off the purchase in the hopes that something will come along that you will find cheap.

If you get the sound for $500 with a cheap beginner guitar, then it is a great investment.

When buying your first guitar, I recommend purchasing a quality model. There are many good beginner guitars out there, but don’t be afraid to take the extra risk! With any guitar, it’s always a good idea to check the reviews and look around on the Internet in order to see what others are saying about the guitar you are considering buying. You can get help from fellow guitarists and guitar professionals at the Guitarist Forums on Yahoo! Groups.

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you should buy your instrument at your local guitar shop. The guitar shop that sells guitars makes prices and specifications on them. Ask your local guitar shop what the value of the instrument is. Do not buy the instrument from an over the counter (or in the country) guitar shop. This places the onus on the customer to evaluate the guitar in order to obtain a fair and reasonable price for their instrument.

The internet has made it easier for anyone to get an opinion on the value of a particular guitar. If you have any questions about the value of the guitar, please do not hesitate to contact us at our new Guitar Guitar Deals page in the Yahoo group.

There is also an extensive list of websites offering new and used guitar deals at the Internet Guitar Broker.

If you decide to buy a new guitar, know that it is going to take some time and you are going to need to pay a little attention. I’m always saying, “You can only save money by keeping your finger off the scale until you actually play the guitar!”
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Keep your eye on the price of other players in your region and compare the prices of guitars to determine what type of instrument you want. The more you read, the more you appreciate the experience of buying a new guitar.

If you are looking for the exact same guitar, but with a better price than the previous one, be sure to let us know.

How often do I need to do my pre-owned repairs?

There is no one standard answer to this question. In many cases it is best to work on an instrument that is in very good working order first, followed by a full replacement if the problems do not improve.

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