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1.1.1 Hello friends! Welcome to the first new chapter of this story. This is my first real attempt at creating a story in the “Rage” style. This will be mostly written in my “Chewy’s” style.

I’ve noticed that there are some people here asking about the “Chewy” and “Cracking” and some of my characters who have “Chewy” and “Cracking”. I like these terms and I wanted to give both types of characters. However, it is not a one size fits all.

I hope this new chapter is an improvement, my story was fairly stagnant for about 6 months, so I need to rewrite a few things to get things back on track. Any thoughts?

Now on with the story in case you haven’t heard:

It seems as though someone was a genius in the kitchen, or an engineer was in the manufacturing business or that someone just had a knack for the arts or something. Or the opposite to all that. Something that he’s known for. Maybe someone else? There’s no telling how he gets the things he does!

It all started with some bad choices; someone was supposed to teach a girl to cook, and the girl was supposed to learn by experience and eventually become proficient. What would it really be like?

The problem was, she had a terrible sense of direction.

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To try and find her way, she spent months of her life in the kitchen. She had to learn how to cook the food that she wanted. Her time in the kitchen was so full that time was spent thinking and analyzing, trying all sorts of new things, and the recipes and the ingredients and how she should cook the food she wanted. When she finally got around to making the food she wanted, her first dish was, “Fairy Bread”; a bread filled with fruits, nuts and nuts, and cream, and a little bit of butter.

The moment she finished, her stomach made a small noise as she tasted the delicious bread filling. “Yes,” she whispered with a smile as a small piece of cake appeared underneath. “Mmm. That is what I wanted.”

She couldn’t stop herself from giving herself a smile.

When she finally got to a restaurant she could actually walk around in, the first order she ordered was, “Lemon Chicken With Egg

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