Is 22 too old to learn guitar? – Learn Bass Guitar App Free

Yes. We’re all too old to learn guitar in their age group. However, many people, including students, play guitar and know a lot about it already. Just look at the YouTube list for example: (For example, the videos from the guys from J-Dose)

I’m sure, the problem with learning guitar at 22 is, for example, the time-delay between the first notes of a piece and the notes on the fretboard. Most beginners’ problem with learning guitar is the same as for anything else: they start from scratch every day and try to memorize the notes on the fretboard (which are, according to most of them, all in the same order and on the fretboard).

It’s the same with music theory, especially if you are really good at memorizing, as it is easier to memorize the fundamental theory of music theory than the notes of a piece.
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However, the problem with this is that the most effective way of memorizing them is to simply start at the beginning where it all starts (e.g. guitar theory) and the rest with the notes of a piece (e.g. bassline and harmony). This method is, of course, different than the most popular method (which is to study a lot and study it all together); which is, in itself, very time-consuming. The only reason, of course, to choose one of the methods is that it seems to work well on a certain scale and chord types, but not all scales and chords will be suitable for the method.

On the other hand, most of the stuff is already written down, usually in an exercise notebook. You only need to memorize a few of those notes (e.g. the minor thirds, a few dominant seventh chords, and some scales).

For example, if you memorize the bass line for the first time, it looks like this:

B minor third – Dm7b5 – F major seventh – Dm7

As you can see, the notes are already there, just waiting to be memorized. So you just have to try memorizing some more.

For example, this is what happens every time I practice:

I memorize A minor second and Bminor third.

Then I memorize B minor second again, now with 3

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