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The “no-taper” guitar lesson is for everyone

By Joe Bonar

Photo by Joe Bonar

One of the most frequently asked questions on Guitar World is: “How long does it take me to learn a particular guitar?”

Here’s the short answer — it’s not an easy question to answer. Learning a new instrument takes time from any one person, but for those willing to commit to it, patience can pay off.

The fact of the matter is, there are two answers to ask:

“How long will it take me?”

“How long should I train my fingers before I can do this?”

For those of you who were not raised with such questions, you might have been surprised when you read in a magazine article that “The “no-taper” route to learning to play a new instrument is for students who have played for five to 15 minutes of practice on the instrument they have come to study.”

I’ve heard a lot of responses from students who have not even taken the time to listen.
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I’m not talking about those who take five minutes of guitar per day. I am talking about those who have spent years practicing so much that they’ve forgotten everything they know about the instrument. I’m talking about those who spent six months at their instrument when they learned how to play it, and now are stuck — or stuck-in — the same old habits.

What do you mean by “no taper”?

This is an old musical tradition, dating back to the days of old. It was originally thought to be necessary to learn the guitar from the ground up.

A number of older students found it impossible to continue practicing when the “taper” happened.

So, they took the time to develop their skills, which included learning how to read, how to play notes and strum and how to recognize and play guitar chords.

Now, it’s all too common to see a guitarist who is more expert than his student. The student is just starting out, learning the basics of technique.

But the teacher does not have enough time to make sure all the necessary fundamentals are covered before the student can practice — and with that comes the first phase of learning.

How do you know if you’re stuck at the guitar “taper” phase?

If you don’t know where you’re at in your guitar learning journey, you’re not there yet!

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