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We can see why many people say 16 is too old to learn guitar. It’s not because we want to be “older” by learning guitar but a natural progression. As kids there is no pressure to learn the guitar and so if we don’t learn some day our focus is more on other learning skills or on making friends.

By age 18 we know just about everything (except what we haven’t learned) and now that we do have that many of us begin to think of ourselves as knowledgeable, that means we’re able to learn new things. For that reason we think we can go on until we’re 26.

But even if we think we’re still young and that we can keep going forever we still have no way of knowing. For that reason we should have an age limit when we start learning the guitar no matter how old we think we are.

I’ll never learn guitar!

So we’re left struggling on a path for which no one is prepared. The last thing you want to know is how long it can take before you finally learn how to play. So I recommend you start planning your lessons now. Start training for guitar by learning a good guide before you ask a stranger to teach you how to play. Find a couple of friends who can teach you and ask one of them to teach you your favorite guitar.

As a child, your parents and teachers probably will have helped you pick a lesson and your teachers might have helped you learn a song. The problem is, as you grew older, your teachers became teachers of something else other than playing. So it’s not going to be easy to learn how to play a song or even something as simple as a chord progression. But it does happen.

If you start planning now, you’ll be able to plan your training and your future. And you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise!

A better way to learn how to play guitar
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You may think a guitar practice routine is all you need to master this skill and that it’s not worth the trouble of learning how to play guitar if you can play the songs that you can hear. But with a bit of effort and practice you should be able to play pretty much every song.

It doesn’t require years of practice to learn the essential songs

Some of the most popular music on the planet, including most famous songs, have been written and recorded since around 1900. To say that this music is not well suited to beginners is the understatement of

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