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The new generation of Windows users who’ve gotten a chance to get their hands hands on the new operating system can use their traditional Windows 7 laptop or desktop, as well as a Windows Surface tablet, to download, install, and run the latest versions of Windows.

“No matter what the user does, all users can install Windows. It’s up to them to choose the best experience,” Microsoft spokeswoman Christine Wong said in an e-mail to CNET.

That’s because unlike the traditional Windows model of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 is built upon the Windows Store, rather than a desktop update, she said. That will allow users to make install changes and keep a version of Windows in the device, she added.

Microsoft officials have been reluctant to discuss Windows 8 and Windows RT so far because they’re focusing on Windows 8.1 to meet their goal of having 100 million active devices running Windows 8.5 by the end of this year, the same target as Windows 7.

But Microsoft executives said in April they were considering adding support for dual-monitor usage and a touch-optimized, larger display for devices running Windows RT but not Windows 8.1.

“We’re going to be giving those options to the developer community,” said John Breslow, senior vice president for platform and devices, during a February conference call with analysts.

Breslow said today’s launch of Windows RT is the first time Windows RT software will be on the market.

Microsoft officials have made no secret that any such launch is likely to be late this year, possibly as early as March.

Microsoft’s efforts with Windows RT, in particular, were widely criticized by some members of the public who said that despite their best efforts, it proved too slow and buggy for consumer use. Microsoft’s chief strategy officer, Terry Myerson, dismissed the criticisms.

“It didn’t ship in 2013, and we’ve been making big, bold promises that it was coming for the first time in 2012,” he said on an April conference call with investors.

Myerson said today’s launch was designed to help demonstrate the difference Windows RT has made and to “further define our strategy with consumers.”

The company is also working on Windows RT to compete with tablets that have been on the market more than a year.

For example at this week’s CES in Las Vegas, Microsoft officials released an updated version of its Surface tablet that features a touch-enabled, larger screen that

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