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When we say to young guitarists that we are going to get them a guitar, they usually say that there’s no question: they would like to learn it. But for instance, the age of this guitar is not enough at all. It’s too old. But they’re not aware that it’s not that old. The only problem with that kind of thinking is the way it is.

The older guitars are actually made quite similar to the modern instruments, because the same production methods are used. You have to be familiar with basic design principles and, most importantly, it needs sound and you need a real feeling. You don’t want to find sound in an old guitar.

However, older guitars are not a waste of time. There is no need to throw away the old guitar. I’ve got a very good old one. But there are a lot of cool and exciting guitar models which, unfortunately, you can’t buy or you can only play when you have a break with the current one.

The problem with old guitar sounds is that the electronics can only make them so much brighter than they actually are. That is, they are not always very clear. Sometimes, a guitar with a good sound can be made so bright that it’s no longer a guitar but a kind of a speaker or another instrument!

On the other hand, these kinds of guitars are usually made by professional musicians who can produce a sound exactly in tune, not at any other frequency, even when the actual instrument is in tune. For this reason, it can be done to the best of our abilities. And I can assure you that we produce guitars at the same level as professional musicians.

In general, you can listen to the same sound with a lot of guitars of the same generation and you’ll hear a lot of differences between guitars of different generations or different brands. It really does matter. When you look for an old guitar, we can offer you just as good sound because we want you to hear exactly what we want.

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In the same way, we produce guitars at the same level as professional musicians. But what we really do is make the guitar sound good enough so that you can really enjoy and appreciate its sound, and that is the point we believe is important, because for all of us, hearing is more important than having.

For instance, as someone who was never satisfied with his old guitar, I can guarantee you that, when he comes to play with an older guitar, he’ll

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